Why Counselling?

As you are here I am assuming you are either considering seeing a counsellor or you have decided to see a counsellor and are in the process of choosing one.

I know for some counselling is quite alien and rather daunting. It might even scare you a bit and why wouldn’t it? Opening up the REAL YOU to a complete stranger!   I want to reassure you that being a bit apprehensive is the norm, and it takes courage to make the first step. Being brave is not the absence of fear, it is being scared and doing it anyway.

My aim is to make the whole process less daunting and to reassure you that I will offer you a safe, non judgemental and confidential space to explore anything that is bothering you. I strive to be as kind and approachable as possible.

I work with adults in Central Canterbury and Herne Bay and offer a free initial phone call or meeting of up to 20 minutes for us both to see if we feel we could work together. 

For me the main benefit of counselling is to be able to say out loud all that chatter inside your head that is bothering you (and often keeping you awake at night) to someone who is impartial, professional and completely confidential. To someone you can grow to trust and build a working relationship with.

As a counsellor I may not have the answers to your issues but I can help you by offering you the opportunity to meet me weekly for 50 minutes and using my skills to really explore your inner world by unravelling and releasing your problems in a safe and peaceful space.

Together we will look at whatever has brought you to therapy with the aim of you gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you, you. With this understanding you can begin to start working on making the changes you want to see in your life and work on developing greater self acceptance and reducing your often unhelpful inner self criticism and judgment.