My Services

I can offer counselling in person or by telephone, online, (e.g. Skype, Zoom) or email.

I have experience of working with clients with a wide range of issues from a very diverse age range (18-80) and from all sorts of backgrounds and ways of life including:

  • anger issues
  • anxiety
  • trauma and PTSD
  • grief
  • work and money related stress
  • self harm
  • identity and gender issues
  • relationship issues (including romantic, family, friends and colleagues)
  • emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • physical illness
  • isolation
  • womens’ health (including pregnancy, infertility and menopausal symptoms)

Counselling is usually offered weekly at a specific time and day each week (although flexible arrangements may also be possible).

Counselling can be either short term (typically 6-12 weeks) or longer term depending on the nature of the requirements.


Anger can terrify both the angry person and the person they are angry with. When angry we can often feel out of control and even feel ashamed and frightened by this behaviour.


Depression is about looking back at the past events that can leave us with feelings of sadness, grief, helplessness, shame, withdrawal, and worthlessness.


This is all about pressure. Some pressure can invigorate us to perform better but if it tips over to feel overwhelming it can make us unable to cope and depressed.


Anxiety for me can be summed up in one word, worrying. Worrying about future events which can make us feel we can’t cope. It often has physical symptoms of shallow, racing breathing, and can result in panic attack and increasing withdrawal from the outside world.


Grief is loss in all its forms. It is achingly painful and open ended. It can be the loss of a person, a pet, a job, a relationship, future plans. Many other emotions go hand in hand with grief such as anger, shame, guilt, and depression.


Identity issues are twofold – in some cases we are struggling with who we feel we are and where we fit in the world and in other cases it is struggling with how others see us and their acceptance of who we really are and who they may want us to be.


Life is filled with relationships, with family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and romantic partners. Great emotional pain and difficulties can occur when these relationships break down or end. Also feeling lonely and isolated without healthy relationships can cause great pain and heartache.


We can take our health or that of those we love for granted and it is often a great shock when we experience problems. Dealing with a diagnosis can be a lonely and frightening place as we come to terms with the future and maybe feel we need to put on a brave face.


Trauma is the result of something awful that happens to you or you witnessing horrific things. You can’t unsee these things but sometimes we bury the associated feelings and make ourselves ill by not processing them. e.g. Hyper-vigilance is often an unconscious negative behaviour it leaves the victim with.